Current Test Centers


Two of the current regional test centers (New Mexico and Colorado) are under the direct oversight of Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; the remaining centers, Florida, MI (under development), and Nevada are managed as a partnership between Sandia and the local host institution.  Each site is climatically distinct and can accommodate the installation of different technologies and sizes.

  1. produce a set of standardized protocols for PV system validation, applicable to different climates and settings; and
  2. support the goals of the DOE SunShot Initiative by helping accelerate technological evolution in the energy sector and increasing PV deployment

Addressing a Key Challenge

Too often, new technologies, including PV systems, lack rigorous performance data and have trouble drawing the investment dollars needed for commercialization. Unable to cross this so-called technological valley of death, many never make it to market. To help solve this critical problem, the RTCs will provide energy-technology companies with the rigorous and highly calibrated testing and evaluation studies they need to win investor confidence and bring their products to market.

RTC test site map