The RTC Team

The DOE Office of Solar Energy Technologies oversees the RTCs, providing strategic direction to ensure ongoing alignment with DOE goals and priorities. Management of the RTCs is shared jointly by Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), with Sandia having technical oversight for four of the five sites and NREL overseeing one of the five.

The RTC Team overseeing the program includes the following individuals:

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Dr. Laurie BurnhamLead for RTC Program (Sandia)

Dr. Burnham is the Technical Lead for the RTC program, and Principal Investigator on several projects related to the impact of climate on PV performance.

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Dr. Bruce KingTechnical Lead for PV Proving Grounds (Sandia)

Dr. King is Principal Investigator for Sandia’s PV Proving Grounds research initiative, which includes the RTC program. Dr. King is also the technical lead for Sandia’s Photovoltaic Systems Engineering Laboratory and oversees the baseline characterization studies that are integral to the RTC validation approach.

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Mr. Dan RileyRTC Monitoring and Communications co-Lead (Sandia)

Mr. Riley is a senior member of the Sandia technical staff and responsible for data quality across the RTC sites. His areas of research interest include module degradation and PV characterization and modeling.

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Mr. Craig CarmignaniRTC Monitoring and Communications co-Lead (Sandia)

Mr. Carmignani is a distinguished technologist at Sandia, with expertise in systems instrumentation, including design and calibration, needed to ensure high-fidelity data monitoring and communications.

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Dr. Chris Deline,  Technical Lead for the CO RTC (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Dr. Deline is an NREL engineer and technical lead for the Colorado RTC, which is located on NREL’s campus. He specializes in the characterization, modeling and analysis of modules, especially under non-optimal (e.g., shaded) conditions.

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Dr. Joshua SteinPV Analyst and Consultant to the RTC program

Dr. Stein is a distinguished member of the technical staff at Sandia and the author of many papers related to the performance modeling of solar systems.

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Mr. Jim Stephens, Project Manager

Mr. Stephens is Project Manager for the RTC Program , with over 20 years’ experience in Program/Project Management.