Working with Us

How to Partner

The RTCs invite manufacturers of PV and CPV modules, power electronics and other system components, to apply for technical support from the RTC to conduct a validation study for their product or service.


All US-owned companies manufacturing or doing substantial business in the U.S. (e.g., integrators), are eligible to apply, as are foreign companies that manufacture in the U.S. Foreign companies that manufacture outside the US are eligible to apply for an RTC validation study but will not be eligible for government-funded assistance. Joint proposals, submitted by more than one company (e.g., a module manufacturer, integrator, and an inverter company) are encouraged.

 RTC Partner Selection

RTC partners will be selected based on relevance to SunShot objectives and the potential impact of RTC assistance. The

partner selection process will be based on a 4–6 page proposal that contains the following elements:

  • Purpose: Describe the purpose of the project in terms of the value to the community (will this increase PV deployment, increase US manufacturing, etc.). Description of the technology and its market potential
  • Public Abstract: A one-paragraph description of the project that can be made public.
  • History and financial status of the company: How long in business? How many employees? Office locations, valuation.
  • Technical Objectives: Describe technical goals and expected outcomes.
  • Description of system design: Describe how many systems and which climates will be most valuable. Provide basic system specifications.
  • Project Timeline: Provide a timeline for the project. Most projects are expected to last several years.

Budget and Cost-sharing Prospectus:

RTC partners are expected to provide

  • cost share for their projects. Provide an estimate of the total project costs divided into categories and detail how, where, and when (by year) the partner cost share is proposed. Proposals with more industry cost share will be weighted higher in the review process.
  • List of key staff: Names and roles in the proposed study.

The merit review criteria will include:

  1. Clarity of plan and match with RTC capabilities.
  2. Clear demonstration of the technical and/or economic benefit from an RTC validation study.
  3. Market potential: the technology or system being proposed should be both innovative and technically feasible.
  4. Financial commitment: partners will provide financial and in-kind support for the study.
  5. Marketability: the partner must provide sufficient evidence of financial resources and stability to suggest that their product, once validated by the RTCs, can be brought to market.
  6. Willingness to work with the RTC team: the partner must collaborate with the RTC team, which may include a face- to-face meeting at Sandia, to develop a validation plan that meets both RTC and partner goals.
  7. The partner must be willing to sign appropriate legal agreements, including an MOU and NDA and/or a CRADA.

Proposals are evaluated in the order in which they are received and offers made on a revolving basis. The RTCs reserve the right to request additional and clarifying information.

Interested in Partnering?

The RTCs suggest that interested parties contact the RTCs prior to submitting a proposal and request the latest detailed information about the proposal process. For more information, or to submit an application, please contact us