Norwich Technologies and the VT RTC Featured in TV News Story

In December 2015, Norwich Technologies hoisted by crane a 5.3kW photovoltaic (PV) system onto a roof at the Vermont Regional Test Center (RTC)—a test center funded by DOE and managed by Sandia that focuses on PV performance data and supports collaborative research on integrating of PVs into Vermont’s electrical grid. As demonstrated, the pre-assembled PV meta-module system can be installed and operational in a matter of hours, reducing onsite time, on-roof work, and installation costs.  Sandia’s rigorous analysis of the installation process, and its reliability monitoring over the next three years, could drive future system improvements and open new markets for plug-and-play PV installations.

On February 18, 2016, this news story features Norwich Technologies and the installation of the system at the Vermont RTC.  This system is a three way partnership between Norwich Technologies, Solar World Americas, and Chilicon Power.

Image of Hoisting-first-metamodule-300x200-1